Export Control and International Economic Sanctions

Have you checked whether your exports to certain countries or people are prohibited?

Avoid customs blocks, criminal risks and reputational risks while gaining an advantage over your competitors: hire an experienced lawyer in export control and international economic sanctions.

Export compliance is the ‘vaccine’ for companies of all sizes, because it provides crucial support in the management of so-calledCompliance Risk: it allows companies to run their business safely and avoid commercially and criminally ‘dangerous’ situations and provides companies with all the information they need to understand what the real threats are and take the necessary countermeasures in time to avoid negative consequences. 

With our team of attorneys accredited as Export Compliance Officers at EIFEC Brussels and experts in international contracts for over 20 years, experts in custom law and engineers, we provide you with the necessary advice and assistance in the identification and pre-contractual and contractual management of the risks involved in the import/export process, from the negotiation to the shipment of products, in the evaluation and classification of the company’s tangible and intangible assets, in the screening of the actors involved in the import/export transaction and in the drafting of Internal Compliance Programmes (ICPs).

We provide companies operating in international markets with accurate verification of export compliance for goods subject to dual-use regulations, assisting them in dealing with national (UAMA) and international authorities such as the Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS) or the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC).

  • Objective due diligence
  • Subjective due diligence
  • Drafting sanctions clauses
  • Compliance programmes (ICPs)
  • Criminal liability
  • Litigation in custom laws matter
  • Regulation of dual-use goods
  • Assistance at UAMA, BIS and OFAC
  • General corporate compliance

Client Testimonial

The lawyers are pretty knowledgeable, well-informed in many different issues and really open-minded; but beside being professionally competent and scrupulous, they are nice and warm-hearted as human-beings. Highly recommended 🙂

Armin Niknam

Da tempo abbiamo il privilegio di collaborare con lo studio Mantelli Davini nell’ambito di complessi progetti di Export e Business Development internazionale, sempre con grandissima soddisfazione. Forti di una lunga esperienza sul campo e di un’eccellente competenza in International Trade Law, Diritto societario, Contrattualistica e Recupero crediti internazionale, gli avvocati Mantelli e Davini aiutano aziende piccole, medie e grandi a massimizzare i propri risultati economici nei mercati esteri tutelandone nel contempo rischi e diritti in sede di negoziazione, di esecuzione e di arbitrato. Caldamente raccomandati!

Michele Mannucci – Amministratore Unico di Advanced S.r.l.

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