International sale: the quality of goods

In case of the sale of goods abroad and an upcoming dispute over the quality of these goods by the…

Is it possible to withdraw from negotiations freely? What are the risks?

“Information is a negotiator’s greatest weapon.” Victor Kiam (businessman)The principle of freedom of the entrepreneur to negotiate with a partner,…

Space business: the new frontier of space traveling and space commerce

Dinosaurs became extinct because they did not have any space programme. And if we become extinct because we don't have…

Dear Aurelia, the information you have provided are not sufficient for an answer which is subject to a professional engagement. In any case, we should study the provisions of the contract and identify governing law of the contract.If it does not provide anything on governing law then conflict law shall apply (in the most part of the countries likely the governing law will be the law of the country where the agent is domiciled). best regards Marcello Mantelli


I signed a contract with a fashion agency but there were no termination clauses in the contract and decided to withdraw it before one week after signature so sent them an email but after 14 days they sent me an email and asserted that because i didnt withdraw in legal deadlines i have to perform the contract and pay whole money.Noboday told me about any deadlines and nothing was in the contract!! Why did they claim such a thing?


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