International disputes

Withdrawal of an American supplier from a partner agreement/international distribution contract renewed through email exchange – damage compensation

Negotiation Transactional agreement Countries: United States and Italy Industry: Automation and Manufacturing/ Italian distributor

Compensation for the damage caused by half-processed food product defect; Procedure of technical pre-cautionary verification of Italian law towards the supplier

Ordinary civil proceeding Transactions with American client following resale Countries:  United States and Italy Industry: Food processing

Dear Aurelia, the information you have provided are not sufficient for an answer which is subject to a professional engagement. In any case, we should study the provisions of the contract and identify governing law of the contract.If it does not provide anything on governing law then conflict law shall apply (in the most part of the countries likely the governing law will be the law of the country where the agent is domiciled). best regards Marcello Mantelli


I signed a contract with a fashion agency but there were no termination clauses in the contract and decided to withdraw it before one week after signature so sent them an email but after 14 days they sent me an email and asserted that because i didnt withdraw in legal deadlines i have to perform the contract and pay whole money.Noboday told me about any deadlines and nothing was in the contract!! Why did they claim such a thing?


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